Books, Books, Books!

It seem like I always feel as if I have nothing to read or too much to read. I was typing a response to a question about how I deal with writer's block, and in my response I stated that the best method, for me, is to get away from it for a bit. So I was getting ready to go biking, when I saw the STACK of library books I have checked out. I didn't read all of any of them and none of some of them. But I already have a long list on hold at the library, and I have a couple coming in the mail. I want to return this stack, so I can get more. Before I checked out this stack, I was reading (and finished!) Alan Cumming's "You Got Bigger Dreams: My Life is Stories and Pictures." It was entertaining. Cumming is an actor and very smart and funny. And I love an illustrated memoir! He didn't write much about the photographs he included, as they were meant as snapshots. Photographs are deceptive in that way - they can seem obvious, but can express unlimited interpretations. Anyway, I enjoyed an anecdote in the book about Cumming's meeting with and admiration of Gore Vidal, and of the books in the stack was a Vidal novel, "The Golden Age." As suggested my it's title, it was overwhelming to me. I could look up more options, but I already have a long library list. Oh well, there's no due date for reading Gore Vidal. So the bike ride was helpful for writing this blog post!

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